Dr Georgia Pavlopoulou 


Senior Teaching Fellow

Research Fellow

Accredited Autism Consultant

Email: georgia.pavlopoulou@ucl.ac.uk 





Current Roles:

Georgia has completed her PhD in Developmental Psychology and is currently leading PG and Master Modules across UCL  IOE and PALS/Anna Freud National Centre of Excellence for Children and their Families (mental health, psychological aspects of counselling and improving access to psychological therapies for children and young autistic people and people with learning disabilities).


She collaborates with the CYP-IAPT team at Kings College London, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience  delivering Supervision for Supervisors training in Autism/Learning Disabilities. 


She also heads the School and Family partnerships and Research Outreach at UCL Lifespan Learning and Sleep Lab aiming to promote a participatory framework doing research 'with' rather than 'on individuals with neuro-developmental conditions in order to ensure re​s​earch that matters to them and their families.

Recent  achievements:

Between 2013 and 2017 she completed 3 research studies to understand the needs of typically developing and autistic siblings.

Since 2017 she is involved in research in autism, sleep and mental health across the lifespan. 

In 2018 she was awarded with UCL Train and Engage fundS and UCL ChangeMaker funding for her ideas on involving researchers and public in mental health, family and sleep research.

In 2019 she was nominated for Inspiring Teaching Delivering in UCL and Early Career public engagement UCL awards.

She has been involved in 3 successful research grants by Autistica and The John and Lorna Wing Foundation with Dr Dagmara Dimitriou looking at sleep research priorities and personal accounts of autistic adolescents and adults.

Professional and clinical experience: 

Georgia has been invited as a guest lecturer /external speaker to several workshops, conferences & seminars around Europe and in the US. She has more than 17 years of working experiences in NHS and Educational settings.

Georgia is an accredited autism consultant and is involved in post-diagnostic support programmes for autistic people and their families. She collaborates with prestigious clinics in central London offering consultation. She has served as Scientific Director and Head of Mental Health Unit specialised in Autism in Greece and is currently Trustee/Director in Sibs charity, the national charity for siblings of children and adults with disabilities. 

Areas of specialisation and research interests

Georgia is very interested in participatory research and collaborative healthcare practices in mental health and disability as a way to challenge individualised and reified perspectives of traditional medical/deficit models in both academic and professional world.
This includes; 

-humanistic and existential approaches to wellbeing, 

-mindfulness interventions in school settings,

-adapted CBT and ACT for autistic people and their families 

-mental health  of siblings 

-family wellbeing and family centred approaches in developmental conditions

-sexuality, sex education and learning disabilities

-the potentiality of a humanistic psychology perspective in challenging concentrations and abuses of power in all its dimensions


Current Research Interests : 

Family wellbeing, mental health in autism, sleep management in autism, sexuality and sex education in learning disabilities. 

How can I help you?

Autism is a spectrum of  neuro-developmental conditions that change the way people communicate and experience the world around them. 

My research aims are to co-establish support systems with autistic people acrioss the lifespan.

My challenge as a researcher is to contribute towards an emerging change of the negative narrative relating to families living with an autistic child with associated learning difficulties.

Want to get involved or know somebody who might be interested? 

Email contact: georgia.pavlopoulou@ucl.ac.uk

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